Access To Arbitration Centre

Any person desirous to commence arbitration proceedings, he may directly make request in writing to the Centre or the Court may refer the matter to the Centre.The party willing to initiate the proceedings shall submit his request with statement of claim to the Directorate with a service of copy in advance to the Respondent.

The statement of claim shall contain the following information:-

a)  Name in full, description, contact details including mobile number and address of each of the parties;

b)  a brief description of  the nature and circumstances of the dispute giving rise to the claim;

c)  Statement of the relief sought, including an indication of any amount claimed along with supporting documents, if any;

d)  Relevant agreements and, in particular, an extract of the written arbitration clause of the deed of arbitration agreement, if separately contained;

e)  Provisional terms to reference and the issues to be adjudicated;

f)  all relevant particulars concerning the Arbitrator, their number, qualifications, if any, prescribed in the arbitration agreement on which parties have already  agreed in writing;

g)  Statements as to the applicable rules or laws, or trade usages applicable to the transaction, if any, and the language in which the arbitration is to be conducted; and

h)  the order of the Court, if any, passed in proceedings referred.

The Claimant shall submit sufficient number of copies of the request with one copy of the Centre, one copy each for the Arbitrator(s) and one copy each for the Respondent (s).